Company formation SBL Cyber Monitoring

Date: 05-05-2022

After working together for several years and connecting the first customers for cybersecurity monitoring, the founders Jan Jaarsma, Henk Knol and Stef Liethoff joined forces and founded SBL Cyber Monitoring.

Stef Liethoff, CEO of SBL Cyber Monitoring: "We have gained our knowledge and experience mainly from large organizations that have already reached a certain level of maturity in cybersecurity. For small organizations it is often impractical to employ or hire a cyber security specialist. This makes them vulnerable to today's cyber attacks, such as ransomware. Jan and I want to put our experience to work for small and medium-sized businesses. We see that many SMEs are served by external IT management parties who are perfectly capable of keeping the IT environment up and running and setting up IT security solutions such as Firewall and Antivirus. However, we see that these solutions are no longer able to effectively counter more advanced attacks. This requires a lot of specialized knowledge and experience".

Jan Jaarsma, CTO of SBL Cyber Monitoring: "With our WatchEagle Detection & Response system, we offer a low-cost way to have an advanced detection system, which greatly increases resilience against advanced attacks.  We look for cooperation with the external IT party to jointly respond effectively if a cyber incident does occur. We absolutely do not take over the role of the IT management party. We actually add something and in this way we keep everyone on their toes. If it appears that additional security measures are necessary, this is always done via the IT party".

Stef Liethoff: "SMEs are the engine of our economy and often form an important link in the chain with other companies. It is therefore essential that these companies are well protected. If a company becomes the victim of a ransomware attack and is unable to deliver for a longer period of time, its survival is at risk. However, it can also mean that the supply chain partners of such companies also suffer damage. With our services, we want to ensure that the resilience of SMEs is much higher!"

Company formation SBL Cyber Monitoring