Case Study by SBL Cyber Monitoring: Taxameter

Date: 12-12-2022

Taxameter Centrale B.V. has been in existence since 1927 and was originally a family business. They have since grown to become the market leader in the field of (car) mobility solutions. They offer innovative systems aimed at maximizing the accessibility of the space available. Their mission is to streamline the processes surrounding all traffic, static and dynamic.

Taxameter has already done a lot to ensure the security and quality of the organization and its systems and processes. They are ISAE 3402 certified and are in the process of being certified for ISO27001. Also on the technical side they have already taken measures to ward off cyber attacks. Until now Taxameter has always done its own security but was curious where exactly they stood. Have certain risks been overlooked or are there perhaps improvements they can make? That is when Taxameter decided to look into the possibilities with SBL Cybersecurity and SBL Cyber Monitoring.

Cybersecurity Taxameter

Taxameter has always done its own security but was uncertain about the resilience of the current security against cyber attacks. Wouter Blotevogel, ICT Team Leader at Taxameter explains:

"It is nice to have an external observer at such times who can check whether everything is still as it should be. We wanted to know what could be improved. It was also important for us to be supported in implementing these improvements".

 In the field of Cybersecurity, SBL is of course not the only provider. However, we were soon noticed by Wouter:

 "The contact with SBL felt the nicest. The conversation with Stef felt good and familiar and we really felt that he knew what he was talking about. In addition, Stef can explain technical and complex things clearly which makes the bond between him, management and the advisory board very good."

What's been done?

Thanks to the good trust between SBL and Taxameter, we were able to make quick steps in assessing Taxameter's current cybersecurity. To start with, SBL Cybersecurity performed a Security Assessment in order to map the threats. In addition, the Microsoft 365 environment was also investigated.

Furthermore, a Compromise Assessment has been carried out to see if there are traces of successful digital attacks. Finally, we are currently working on setting up the environment to monitor cybersecurity. Wouter says he is happy with the steps and the cooperation:
"The contact with Stef is good and the steps are clear and appropriate. In addition, SBL's reports are well prepared and readable for both management and specialists. Thanks to the management summary it is easy to understand for laymen after which the report goes deeper into the details which in turn is nice for our technicians."

The monitoring tool is still being set up and is still learning. However, a number of things have already been implemented in the area of cybersecurity. For example, multi-factor authentication has been implemented and the rights of all laptops are already being checked.

 "We have been able to implement all this thanks to the support of the management. If you don't have that, the implementation of the advice simply doesn't happen or is much more difficult. Thanks to SBL's convincing reports, this is fortunately the case!"

The monitoring tool also gives Taxameter access to the threat information of, among others, the NCSC via Connect2trust, of which they have become silver partners. Thanks to the exchange of information about cyber threats, they are part of a greater whole, which is great for sharing knowledge.

The Result

Taxameter indicates that due to the advice and implementations there is currently a little more work to be done but that the feeling of online safety has increased a lot.

"There is still a lot to be done, but it is great that we now know exactly what we need to do to increase security. In addition, SBL will continue to help us with this in the coming period. We are therefore confident that we will eventually be able to successfully implement all the advice and improvements."

The goal Taxameter started the partnership with SBL has already been achieved to a large extent and will be fully achieved in the time to come. Thanks to the assessments it is clear where the improvement points are for Taxameter, now it is time to implement all these advices. André Sprong, Director of Operations, says he is very satisfied with the cooperation and has a lot of confidence in the future:

"By asking Stef and his team to audit our environment, we became aware of a number of vulnerabilities in our automated environment. With some targeted advice, they have given us the tools to take our security to the next level."

Wouter fully agrees and adds:

"Thanks to SBL's versatile knowledge we have not only discovered our cybersecurity weaknesses but can also get to work actively monitoring and warding off any attacks. SBL knows how to articulate everything clearly so you don't need any background knowledge, the steps will be clearly explained. In combination with the personal contact, we are therefore very happy with the cooperation and the already achieved results."
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Case Study by SBL Cyber Monitoring: Taxameter