Cyber Monitoring

Preventing damage from cyber attacks

SBL Cyber Monitoring watches over your IT environment, detects and intervenes in case of incidents, preventing damage to your business by a cyber attack.

With the services of SBL Cyber Monitoring, you don't have to worry about the security of your business and information. SBL offers a complete package of services that will help you increase your cyber resilience. SBL's overall approach is based on answering the following questions:

  • What cybersecurity threats and attacks am I vulnerable to?
  • Are cybercriminals already active in my network?
  • Am I able to detect cyber incidents in time?
  • Are my employees sufficiently aware of cybersecurity threats?
  • Are attackers able to exploit my vulnerabilities with the goal of infiltrating the network and stealing data?

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WatchEagle Detection & Response platform

With SBL Cyber Monitoring we keep a close eye on your IT environment (both your own network as well as the cloud M365). We do this through our own developed WatchEagle Detection & Response platform for the implementation of our Managed Detection & Response services.


Detection of cyber incidents through various alerts

For cyber incident detection, WatchEagle uses 4 types of alerts:

Signature based detection
The alerts from the existing Intrusion Detection System or the supplied IDS are used to detect.
Pattern based detection
Detection takes place on the basis of attack patterns as described in the Mitre Attack Framework.
Reputation based detection
Detection, if WatchEagle detects that, for example, a rogue IP address is active on the network. This information is retrieved from various Threat Intel sources, including the NCSC (via our partner Connect2Trust).
Anomaly based detection
Alerts are generated on the basis of abnormal behavior.

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