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More than 2 decades of experience in cyber security

At SBL we believe that only by working together with trust, we can really increase your resilience against cyber attacks. We ensure that your IT environment is monitored 24/7 and work together with your IT organization or external IT supplier(s) in order to respond quickly and effectively. We also work closely with various specialized security companies and institutions connected to the Security Delta in The Hague, which means we always have access to in-depth expertise and threat information.
In 2020, we founded SBL Cyber Monitoring from the companies Secure Connection and SBL Cybersecurity. This was actually a logical consequence of the fine collaboration in recent years. The division of roles was immediately clear: Secure Connection has developed an innovative solution that allows very scalable and flexible cyber security monitoring. With this solution, Secure Connection has frequently carried out analysis for customers in order to discover traces of a cyber attack and use this as input for forensic research. Co-founder Stef Liethoff discovered the power of this solution and saw opportunities to provide customers with a solution to automate the monitoring of the IT environment.
Both Jan Jaarsma and Stef Liethoff have more than 25 years of experience in the world of cyber security with large organizations, both governmental and private. These institutions are generally also served by the larger security companies and consultancy firms. With SBL Cyber Monitoring we want to focus on the small organizations that do not have the necessary expertise and experience. We want SMEs to be able to focus on their core business without having to worry about cyber security.
In practice we see that many smaller organizations have outsourced their IT to an external IT supplier. These IT suppliers have often already implemented the necessary security solutions for their customers, such as a firewall and antivirus. Practice has shown, however, that these solutions do not provide watertight protection against today's attacks. What matters is that a possible attack is detected and responded to in time. In practice, the cooperation with the IT parties works fine.
We do not sell IT security solutions nor do we set up IT security solutions. We only monitor, we give advice what to do and if the customer wishes we also check the effectiveness of the design. So we do not get in the way of the IT parties!
Jan Jaarsma and Stef Liethoff would like to use their knowledge and skills, based on years of experience, to give you the peace of mind and space to focus on your primary business!
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